Welcome To the World Of Bonsai. We are a family owned operation & have been serving Central Florida for
many years. We are primarily known for providing Real trees in bonsai style. This means our trees are capable
of growing up to 65 feet tall if grown in the wild with their brothern. They have been professionally
miniaturized, styled & trained for many years as bonsai. We have indoor & outdoor varieties, with emphases
being indoor orientation. If you are looking for that Unique, Lifetime Gift for the special person in your life, you
came to the right place! You will find that our prices are as affordable & attractive as our trees. The medium
price is about $49.00 for trees in the 12 years old range. Check out our indoor Brazilian fruit
trees(Jaboticaba), placed in decorative shohin or Mame bonsai pots for $25.00. Or be in wonder at the 14 to
16 year old Chinese Elm, tree Lagustrums & Banyans priced from $99.00 to $129.00! you will also find both
collected & imported in the $250.00 & up price range. The important factor is You will not be disappointed.  
Ask about our Yamodori/Collecting trees in the wild events. You stand a chance of  collecting your own unique
specimen & sharing the money with your fellow collectors upon selling a unique find. You wil enjoy this new
experience! I have been a practitioner & student of the art & history of bonsai since 1982. There is no
comparison or more affordable, or satisfying enjoyment of growing & training your own trees from seedlings.
We have them! including the Baobab, which is dipicted in Disneys Tree Of Life at Animal Kingdom. These make
excellent indoor bonsai or patio wonders, priced at $4.99 each.
You are welcome to visit most anytime. we are normally available from 9 to 6 most  days. If you would like to
drop by, simply give us call at your convenience. Our current list of stock is the Grevillia Robusta(giant silk
oak), Adansonia Digitata(baobab), Japanese Zelcova, chinese elm,tiger bark ficus,Queensland Bottle Tree,
ficus benjamina, flowering  mimosa, cherry laurel, red maples & live oak seedlings. The best way is to call or
email to see what we have available.
If we do not have what you are looking for, please let us know & we will attempt to find it. Enjoy your visit to
our site. If you have any suggestions or comments, please drop us an email or call.  We will make  every effort
to respond within 24 hours. Thank you.
PLEASE NOTE the following:

BOARDING BONSAI/PLANTS: We do baby sit bonsai & other plants for fellow bonsai enthusiasts. There is no
charge for this service. If the need arises, simply give us a call. Please note that WE ARE NOT ESPONSIBLE for
the safety of your bonsai/plant, including theft, etc.

CONSIGNMENT SALES: We do not have a formal program but will assist with selling/trading your inventory.
DISCOUNTS: Always ask about our members' sales items. A 10% discount will be given to anybody belonging
to a bonsai club. An additional 10% discount is offered to all CENTRAL FL. BONSAI CLUB members.

GIFT CERTIFICATE: We offer  10% Discounts on all gift certificates.

Additional photos of stock will be emailed upon request. Thank you & welcome aboard!
Gerry Collier
Longwood, Fl.
Let me pay tribute to Doug & Heather Van
Heerdan for having first aroused my interest in
this 10th Wonder-Of-The-World! It is my dream to
one day have a beer in their bar inside the Baobab
tree in Limpopo, South Africa.
Adansonia Digitata. Commonly known as the
Baobab. It is referred to as the World's largest
tree succulent, growing up to 49 ft. in diameter.
Disneys Tree Of Life is a baobab. Makes an
excellent indoor bonsai or patio wonderful
conversation piece. No bonsai collection is
complete without the Baobab. See seedlings
below. To fully appreciate the Baobab, look up
"Bar in a Tree." Yes, an actual beer tavern inside a
baobab tree in Limpopo South Africa. See below:
The Giant Silk oak at maturity. Makes an excellent
indoor bonsai tree. We have the seedlings at $7.00
each. for landscapes they can be messy, growing up to
150 ft. tall with 15 ft. diameter. Fast growers. Shipping
is $12.00 for up to 3 seedlings. One of our favorite
indoor bonsai choices.
Be sure to call for availability.
These are baobab tree seedlings approx. 4 inches
tall. Priced at $4.99 each. Shipping is $12.00 from
1 up to 5 seedlings. Not just anybody actually has
a real live Baobab. Makes a very unique gift! Trees
are now ready for shipping within  2 days of
receiving order.
104 Colonial Lane
Longwood, Fl. 32750
This is a Queensland Bottle tree at maturity. We have
the seedlings at $7.00 each. We extend our gratitude to
Doug at Bottle Tree Plantation in Australia, known there
as the Bottle Tree Man. To our members, he is known as
the Bottle Tree Master.
 Front View Upon Arrival. Give us a quick phone call or
Simply blow the horn. We are mostly available from 9
to 6 daily.  
Welcome to the Bonsai-Shack-Out-Back. The only
real bonsai tree nursery in Seminole county, Florida.
Bring the kids & make yourself at home.
Back yard view.
This is another excellent example of our 35 year
old Chinese Banyans. Can be had for $325.00 if
picked up locally. Please call to make sure it is
still available. 407-461-2558...8 inch
trunk diameter.
Chinese Banyan. Age: appox. 35 years. Height 22
inches. Price: $325.00.
This is a 17 year old Japanese Zelcova. Trunk is
2+ in. diameter. Price is $129.00 if picked up
Close up shot of the above banyan. Priced at
$325.00 if picked up locally.
Another fine Banyan Style of Tiger Bark Ficus. Age 35-38
years. Trunk diameter is 8 inches. Height 22 inches.
$325.00 if picked up locally.
This is a 35 year old Chinese(Tiger Bark) Banyan.
It stand 23 inches high with a trunk diameter of
over 8 in. The price is $325.00 if picked up
locally. For shipping, please call for pricing.
Mr. Org Exley. Chairman of the Pretoria Bonsai Kai of
South Africa. A renouned bonsai & Yamadori(collecting
from the wild) expert. The tree is a wild olive(olea
europaea), collected about 10 years ago & has been in
training for 5 years.  More information concerning the
tree & Mr. Exley's schedule will be published soon.
Otherwise email or call.
Photo does not do justice to this 48 year
old TRUE, Ficus Retusa in Banyan style.
A rare specimen for office or home.
Priced at $350.00 if picked up locally.
      Photo of Back side of the above Banyan.
Tiger Bark Ficus. Age 20+ years. 4 inch
Trunk Diameter, priced at $129.00
These are examples of our imported Tiger Bark Ficus in
Chinese Banyan Style. The ages range from 12 to 20 +
years. The prices are from $99.00 to $129.00. The trunk
diameters are approx. 2.5  to 3 inches.
This is a Tiger Bark Ficus in Chinese Banyan
Style. Age is 16 to 18 years old. Trunk
diameter is approx. 2.5 inches. Priced at
$129.00 if picked up locally.
Another Tiger Bark Ficus priced at $99.00...Age 14 to 16
This is a 31 year old Boungainvillia. Priced at
$149.00 if picked up locally.
Tiger Bark. 16 to 18 years old. Priced at
$129.00 if picked up locally.